American Stock & Bond Collectors

American Stock and Bond Collectors is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the education and study of American historical securities. Referred to by many as Scripophily, the collecting of old stock certificates and bonds has become a serious endeavor for many enthusiasts who have spent decades in the development of their collections. The collecting of bonds and shares affords us the opportunity of spending a moment in time with some of the nation’s most esteemed and successful figures in American history who have owned and signed these certificates. It offers us a window on the historical development of the American capital markets while simultaneously providing a great deal of personal satisfaction in the acquisition of many important and rare items. Preservation of these important source documents of American financial history remains a cornerstone of the goal of our society. It is our hope that future generations will benefit from the efforts of today’s collectors whose passionate inspiration has enabled our hobby to grow and prosper. We invite you to join us in our fascinating journey through American history as we focus on the highly important aspect of capital formation and finance.

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