Automobiles, Railroads, Aviation, Shipping

Automobiles, Railroads, Aviation and  Shipping

The transportation specialties have historically been popular collecting themes in scripophily for many years. Perhaps it is the grand economic impact these industries have had on America, the engineering achievements accomplished within these industries or maybe the nostalgic memory of an early steam locomotive, automobile or some such other vehicle. The glory days of the development of the Automobile changed the socio-economic conditions in which better paying jobs were suddenly available within a relatively short drive for the average worker. The development of the railroad system enabled a rapid expansion of the American continent with all of its accompanying economic advantages. The connecting of the continents in mere hours, a trip that could take days or weeks previous to trans-continental flight opened up endless trading opportunities on a global scale that had previously not existed. Whatever motivations inspire people to collect scripophily, the transportation industries have always been of interest to many hobbyists and scripophilists are fortunate to have an exciting treasure trove of interesting material available to research and accumulate.