Website Price Data

The Website Price Database offers a vast amount of data with fixed price sale offers from Scripophily dealers around the world. Many of the certificates listed may have been sold over the past few years. Other items within the database may currently be available for purchase from the dealer directly. You may notice some pricing differences among dealer showing similar offerings.  These differences may be due to timing of when the item was offered for sale, limited amount of information that can be practically displayed on the database, subjective nature of pricing and the various opinions of value as determined by the individual dealer. Items which may seem similar or even identical may have different value elements (Autographs, historical significance, stamps, cancellations, etc.) which would give cause to pricing differences. As is the case with auction offerings, the same type of item can be bought and sold for different prices.  As such, this data should be used as a guide and follow up with questions to dealers is recommended.

To initiate a search for a name, use the scroll down menu to Name and enter the name in the box to the right, and then click on Search in the blue box.

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NamePriceDate RecordedCertificate DateURLDealer
Zweig - Martin Zweig Fund - Statue of Liberty and WTC Vignette + Martin Zweig as President $30 April 10, 2016
ZZZZ Best Co. ( Huge carpet cleaning scam ) - Nevada 1987 $495 April 10, 2016